At Kings Beach Dental, we specialize in transforming smiles with our premium ceramic and porcelain dental crowns. Located in Kings Beach, CA, our clinic is dedicated to providing personalized, aesthetic solutions that not only improve the appearance of your smile but also restore functionality and health to your teeth. Our expert team uses the latest dental technologies to ensure your crowns are a perfect fit and match, giving you a natural and long-lasting smile.

Benefits of Ceramic/Porcelain Dental Crowns

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Mimics the natural translucency and color of your teeth for a seamless look.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Biocompatible: Safe for all patients, with minimal risk of allergic reaction.
  • Protection: Shields damaged teeth from further decay and restores strength.

Custom Crown Process

  • Consultation & Planning: Discuss your goals and assess your dental health.
  • Tooth Preparation: Reshape and prepare the tooth for crown placement.
  • Impression & Matching: Take accurate impressions for a custom fit and color match.
  • Crown Fabrication: Craft your crown using state-of-the-art materials.
  • Final Placement: Ensure a perfect fit, making adjustments as needed for comfort and aesthetics.

Why Choose Kings Beach Dental for Your Dental Crowns?

  • Tailored Care: We provide personalized crown solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Advanced Technology: Our clinic utilizes the latest dental techniques for superior results.
  • Expert Team: Our experienced dentists and technicians ensure the highest quality care.
  • Local Leader: Proudly serving Kings Beach, CA, with a strong commitment to community health.

Discover the Difference Quality Dental Crowns Can Make