Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments can help to keep your teeth healthy and strong. They can be applied at any time and can prevent tooth decay. There is no age restriction or limit when it comes to having fluoride treatments applied to your teeth. They can be applied in conjunction with other treatments that you’re having done.

Why are Fluoride Treatments needed?

Fluoride can often be found in many dental products as well as public water sources. If you aren’t getting enough fluoride through the products that you’re using, it might be time to consider fluoride treatments. These treatments are incredibly easy to apply and can be beneficial if you’re prone to tooth decay or are just looking to further protect your teeth. Children can especially benefit from these treatments and will find them to be helpful in preventing cavities.

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Who is a candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Most people are good candidates for fluoride treatments. These treatments can be applied along with other treatments being done or at your bi-annual checkup visits. If you are prone to decay or already have quite a lot of fillings, you might benefit from these treatments. Treatment is incredibly beneficial to your overall oral health and can be redone as often as needed.

What can be expected during Fluoride Treatments?

The process of applying fluoride to the teeth is easy and quick. We first clean and dry the front teeth. We then apply liquid fluoride to the teeth and instruct you to avoid eating, brushing or rinsing for about a half hour following the appointment. The fluoride will work by protecting and strengthening your teeth, which will help to prevent tooth decay. You can have these treatments done as often as you’d like, and we can help to advise you when and if they are needed. For our pediatric patients, we typically apply fluoride as part of their bi-annual checkup visits.

If you would like to come into the office for fluoride treatments, call us today so that we can get you in for an appointment as soon as possible.

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