Dental Crowns (Ceramic / Porcelain)

Dental Crowns (Ceramic / Porcelain)

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are specifically designed to cover a tooth that is damaged or compromised. When a tooth breaks, cracks or fractures, it can benefit from having a crown placed over top of it. We offer both ceramic and porcelain crowns to ensure that your smile is as natural-looking as possible. Your new crown can last for many years and even decades with the proper care.

Why are Dental Crowns needed?

A dental crown may be needed for a variety of reasons. Crowns offer both restorative as well as cosmetic benefits to your smile. Some reasons you’d need a crown include:

  • A tooth has broken or cracked
  • A tooth was recently root canaled
  • A tooth has a large filling in it
  • A tooth has an exceptionally large area of decay
What Makes You A Candidate For A Dental Crown

What makes you a candidate for a Dental Crown?

To determine if you may need a ceramic or porcelain crown, we will examine your teeth. If you need a crown, we suggest having one placed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the tooth itself. Most patients who need a crown can benefit from having one placed. Crowns are long-lasting and durable restorations that can last for many years.

What happens during the Dental Crown procedure?

The dental crown procedure begins with anesthetic to numb the area. We then file down the damaged or compromised tooth to create a small seat, or abutment, for the crown itself. Impressions are taken and used to make the permanent crown. You’ll come in for a second appointment to have the actual crown placed. We make any adjustments to the way that the crown fits, and you’ll be ready to leave the office feeling confident in your new smile. You can and still should brush and floss your new crown in order to keep it clean and healthy so that it can last you for a long time.

If you would like to come into the office for a consultation regarding a crown, call us today to speak with one of our trained professionals.

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